Why Fractional Ownership?

The refreshingly uncomplicated way to own a vacation home

Why pay for more than you use each year?

Whether it’s a yacht, a jet, or a luxury property, leveling up for less is the reason why fractional ownership makes so much sense to 1000s of people every year. Vacation every year in luxury by co-owning your dream property with less financial investment than owning a vacation home outright.

{ Frac•tion•al Own•er•ship

  • a situation in which two or more people, companies, or organizations own and share an asset, for example, property:
  • fractional ownership of something –  you can share valuable assets with like-minded people through fractional ownership of property

Fractional ownership real estate benefits

We’ve cut through the complexity of what’s out there to bring you trusted developers along with detailed benefits to co-owning your vacation home.

Deeds & capital growth

Own a deeded share of the company that owns the property & enjoy capital appreciation of the asset.

Hassle-free overseas purchase

There’s no need to navigate the complexities of overseas property laws alone with us by your side.

Only pay for the time you use

Co-owning is the intelligent way to own a luxury vacation home, sharing the costs for the time you’re there.

Fully managed all of the time

Enjoy full property management services for the upkeep & maintenance & eliminate worries of having an empty property.

Earn rental income

Rent out any unused weeks for extra revenue with the assistance of the property management service.

Share the running costs

Take away the sole financial responsibility by just paying your share of the costs equally split between owners.

Ownership structure

A smart investment

Co-owning an expensive asset will not only save you money on the acquisition cost but keep your annual running costs lower by sharing the expense amongst like-minded owners. Buy a share in the company that owns the property title for a deeded fraction of high-end real estate and take your vacation experience to new heights.


Ingeniously simple & fair

Enjoy your home away from home each year, booking via a fixed rotational calendar enabling you to plan well in advance. By rotating each year, you’ll get to experience the other weeks and can be assured of your 1st or 2nd choice, and never the 3rd!

Property Management

Peace of mind

Never worry about the upkeep or maintenance of your second home again with the full property management service. Everything will be prepared and ready awaiting your arrival, including freshly laundered linen and towels so that you relish every single moment of your time away from the minute you arrive.

How ownership measures up

We’ve taken the guesswork out of costs associated with owning or renting a vacation home. Compare the savings to find the most economical way for you and your loved ones to vacation in style for years to come.


Initial outlay



Agent fees (4%) – €100,000

Legal & consultancy – €22,000

Purchase tax (10%) – €250,000

Insurance – €11,500

Repairs & maintenance – €11,500

Annual local taxes – €5,700

Total – €400,700

Total Cost over 10 years




Initial outlay



Inflation (1.79%) – €75,710

Total – €75,710

Total loss over 10 years




Initial outlay



Yearly maintenance contribution – €5,000, including:

Agent fees
Legal & consultancy
Purchase tax
Repairs & maintenance
Annual local taxes
0% interest
Full house team
Garden & Estate Management
Pool care (hygiene & water quality)
Housekeeping (linen, towels, cleaning, laundry) 

Total – €50,000

Total cost over 10 years



Forget timeshare, own your share

Fractional ownership gives a simple yet intelligent solution for becoming an owner of a more luxurious vacation property abroad for less. Pay for the time that you use but own a slice of your second home.

Fractional Ownership

Frequently asked questions

The two have distinctive differences, and one should not be confused with the other. Fractional ownership of a property gives you a percentage of the deeded ownership of the actual property, while timeshare provides you with access to time each year for a set period – you don’t own any of the bricks and mortar assets. Learn more about fractional ownership vs. timeshare here.

Yes, you purchase a share in a Limited Liability company specific to the property. You own a legal, deeded share of the company that owns the property. Therefore, you have a direct percentage of ownership in the real estate property along with your co-owners.

Yes, all the shared ownership homes are interior-designed and furnished to the highest standards. Each home is unique in design and furnishings, but luxury comes as standard in a fractional ownership property. Fully equipped kitchens come complete with all cooking utensils should you choose to whip up a dish of local ingredients. Everything awaits your arrival so you can walk through the door to your vacation-ready luxury home away from home and simply relax. After all, isn’t that how vacations should be?

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