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Introducing Palazzo Aureus

Hints of historical wonder delight at every turn with medieval castles and ancient churches boasting magnificent architecture woven into the fabric of this centuries-old town.

With origins dating back to the 5th century AD and the Byzantine Greeks, the town of Agropoli is steeped in a resplendent past, and revels in its glorious present-day beauty. Far enough away from the tourist-trodden paths and yet within easy reach of the glittering Amalfi coast and enticing golden-sand beaches of the Cilento coast, Agropoli exudes authentic Italy at every turn.

An evening passeggiata through the town’s quaint streets and main thoroughfare lined with vibrant bars and restaurants make for the perfect summers’ night, while springtime showcases the beauty of nearby National Parks and lush countryside of Campania. A true gem waiting to be explored!

Total residences
8 (1-3 bed apartments)

1/12th (4 weeks)

Pre-relase prices
From £35,000

Property Overview

Located deep within the heart of Agropoli’s historical center sits Palazzo Aureus. The building – and former ancient Bishop’s residence from times gone by – is set on three levels and characterized by two towers positioned at the two corner extremes. The internal secret garden door off the courtyard leads to the cobbled side street.

The most alluring property truly captures the essence of Salerno, positioned in the Medieval Old Town with access to the quaint town center, idyllic harbor life, and streets lined with bars, cafes, restaurants, and antiquities shops.

The Residences

The residences will comprise eight spacious one, two, and three-bed serviced self-catering apartments. 

Three penthouse suites will overlook the marina and stunning coastline. Complementing the Palazzo residences will be an ancient-walled orange tree garden, bar, and restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner in an intimate and magical setting.

Pre-release Price list

Positano suite



Salerno Suite

1-bed duplex


Sorrento Suite

1-bed duplex


Paestum Penthouse Suite

2-bed + terrace


Capri Penthouse Suite

2-bed + terrace


Cilento Suite

2-bed + terrace


Ravello Penthouse Suite

3-bed + terrace


Amalfi Penthouse Suite

3-bed + terrace


An annual maintenance contribution of between €2,000 – €4,000 (depending on residence size) will apply, covering the cost of all utilities, repairs & upkeep, taxes, property management fees and insurance.

Palazzo Highlights

The location

Far reaching vistas stretch from the harbor below across to the Aragonese castle constructed during Byzantine times, and along the shimmering coastline to the island of Capri.

Located within a 90-minute drive of Naples International Airport, this region is also home to three of the world’s best-preserved temples at nearby Paestum, attracting visitors year after year.  Trentova Bay is a short distance away and proves a popular solace for sun seekers, making the coastal town of Agropoli an ideal choice for those in search of the real Italy.

The opportunity

It’s not very often that an exciting opportunity to own a piece of history comes along. The Pinelli Group is offering a select number of people a finite amount of shares in highly- finished serviced apartments.

Palazzo Aureus sits proudly high up in the Old Town of Agropoli. This splendid building drenched in history offers a city escape like no other. With all the modern-day services and comfort, your luxuriant self-catering residence will be sure to impress friends and family for years to come, ideally located in the heart of the historical center.

At a lower-priced entry point, Palazzo Aureus will offer 4 weeks’ annual usage with full property management services and the option to rent out any or all of these weeks in order to generate income, should you so desire.

Make your pied-á-terre your paid-á-terre

As an owner, you decide how large an investment to make by choosing how many shares you wish to own and which size suite.

You have the option to select how much of that time you want to spend at your very own luxury bolt-hole and how much you prefer to rent out to guests for potential income.

Fractional at a glance

Expected annual return


Optional usage

Up to 4 weeks per year*

Price per 4 week share


Number of shares sold per unit

12 (total of 48 weeks)

Pinelli Wealth Management fee


Owner Net** capital return (BASED ON MIN. 10% RETURN OVER 5 YEARS)


*Annual entitlement is subject to a rotational calendar.

**No allowance has been made for personal capital gains tax (estimated at 5% per year for 5 years) or other country-specific taxation on share sale receipts.

Expected rental returns are indicative only based on past local performance, and are subject to seasonality and other market trends which may affect demand.

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